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What is your distinction between being saved and being healed?


Hi everybody, it’s Jenna. And I’ve got another great question from a viewer:

What is your distinction between being saved and being healed?

Okay, terrific.

What I would say is that being saved in the Christian tradition is the act of inviting Jesus to take control of our lives, which results in the infusion of the Holy Spirit into the core God Image within us. If you’ve seen any of my teaching videos, the core God Image is like that transparent vase. It’s within everyone and we sort of receive an in-filling of the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus that results in Salvation. As you and I both know, Salvation and sanctification or not the same thing because there’s plenty of people myself at the front of the line that are saved and not very Sanctified. Then there’s lots of people that are pretty sanctified and not really saved, according to that definition. So what do we make of that?

Well what that means is that our burdened Parts can be healed, whether or not we are saved. According to that Christian definition, we can experience healing from our traumas, healing from the burden of sin, healing from a variety of things through secular methods. For sure, we really can. We can be really great people and not have salvation. We kind of know that experientially, and at the same time, we can experience salvation and really not pursue our own personal growth and the healing of our burden parts so we can be saved and kind of miserable and ornery. You know what I mean?

So that’s my answer to this question. Thank you so much for submitting.