Jenna Riemersma



I’m having a hard time with the word “Spiritualizer”


Hi, I’ve gotten a great question that I really love to answer and that is from a reader who says “I am just having a hard time with the use of your term ‘spiritualizer'” and how can you help me with that?”

This is a terrific question because I chose the term “spiritualizer” just to kind of put some type of language around the part of me and maybe the part of you that tries to help me do it right so that I can be good enough for God or for my faith community. So, in other words, it’s a burdened part that uses God language, God behaviors, God actions, but it is not my core authentic connection to the divine within me. It’s a burdened part trying to help me feel good enough for God or my faith community and that is very different than the Core Essence of the divine within.

When we are connected to the Core Essence of the divine within us it is a deeply profoundly spiritual experience. In IFS language Dick Schwartz calls this the “particle in the wave.” In Christian language, we would call it the “God Image” within helping us to connect to the omniscient omnipresent divine.

However you want to talk about it, whatever language would you want to use for it, is totally fine. I just picked a word to represent it because I was writing a book to many different people. But in reality, each of our parts has a way that they would like us to refer to them and so you and I don’t even really know how to refer to our parts until we start to notice where they come up for us. Maybe we feel a racing heart, or attention in our shoulders, or racing thoughts, and maybe that part might sort of give us an image of itself.

We can literally kind of be curious and ask the part of us that helped, tries to help, us do our faith right to avoid feeling not good enough. We can compassionately get to know that part and really ask it “how would you like me to refer to you?” and our parts will let us know. They really will, will get a sense of what we, in our unique system, should call our own part that is working so hard with such positive intent to try to help us do it right, so that we can be pleasing to God.

Now, I think one thing that’s really important to remember is that whatever we call it, our spiritualizing parts are good parts of us. They’re not bad and even though they move us further away from our connection to the Divine in all of their effort to help us do our faith right. They’re really, really, trying to help, they’re not bad parts of us. And, so whatever we call it, we can call it spiritualizer, or we can call it Bob. But whatever your part, or my part, wants to be called, what we want to always make sure is that we hold these wonderful parts of us with great respect, great compassion for how hard they’re working to try to help us. And, great empathy for the painful and exhausting role that they’re stuck in, because they don’t realize that there is a deep connection to the Divine, that is effortless wordless and all about surrender rather, than striving that resides deep at my core, deep at your core, and is really who we truly are.

Hope that’s helpful.