Jenna Riemersma



Where does Jesus come in?


Good morning, everybody. I’ve got another great question from a reader. The question is where does Jesus come in?

Love this. Such a good question.

So, remember that at your core and at my core and the core of every human being is the God image. The God Image reflects the qualities of the divine within us. This is what C.S. Lewis would call that “God-shaped void”, in a sense, that is crying out for relationship to the Divine. This, by virtue of the fact, that it contains the qualities of the Divine, has some power to heal our burdened parts. In other words, to help resolve some of the trauma that the world inflicts on us.

That is not the same thing as salvation. Salvation, according to Christian doctrine, is when we place our trust in Jesus Christ and invite the infilling of the Holy Spirit. So, let’s say this is the holy spirit, my cup of tea, it is as if the Holy Spirit fills our core God image when we quote “accept Jesus” to become the authority in our lives, to run our lives, and this is a power pack getting plugged in.

I talk about this a lot more in this chapter of my book. Feel free to dive in for a much more detailed explanation.

For now, just know that salvation and placing our faith and trust in Jesus is different than the power to heal the burdens of our trauma. For sure, from a Christian faith perspective, when we have that in-filling of the Holy Spirit and the power of God, it adds an additional power to our ability to heal. And sometimes, you have people experience the transforming act of Salvation to heal spontaneously some of their burdens. Some people will say “I became a Christian and I never struggled with alcohol again.” Wonderful! Some people don’t say that. In fact, many people don’t say that. So, notice that those are two distinct things. Salvation and healing and they sometimes overlap but not always.

I hope that’s helpful. Keep your questions coming.